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Episode 3 - Mute Again

October 16, 2017

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Welcome to the third episode of the Pro Painted Podcast, I (Matthew Lyons) am joined once again by my 2 co-hosts, Rob Ellis and Ian Gilmore. Apologises in advance if I come across less conversational at times, i've been suffering with a sore throat!

For this episode we cover the FacehammerGT Age of Sigmar event hosted at the hobby mecca that is Element Games in Stockport, by the super-awesome Facehammer crew. Make sure to check out their podcast if you haven't before (Facehammer Podcast).

The usual coverage of all the army nominations, extra painting/hobby (not in Rob's case!) activities and the venue itself. We also share our thoughts around Shadespire and answer some more listner questions about 'newbies' at tournaments, Shadespire hobby ideas, and being happy with your finished models!

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