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Episode 20 - Tidy

November 9, 2018

For Episode 20 we delve into the projects we have been working on, Rob details his progress on Bel'akor, while Ian regales us with stories of Shadespire Warbands (he still hasn't played a full game). I also detail the army I unveiled at Realms of War 2018, my Kadgetzan Goblins (Grot themed Kharadron). We also cover 4 events: Glory and Death (Doubles), FacehammerGT 2018, Games Workshop 'Grand' Finals, and the aforementioned Realms of War 2018. I also go on about a bit of a rant about trophies being called 'Best Painted' while Rob tries to hobble some true painting talent!

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TOURNAMENT: Santa's Hangover 

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